Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dondi West Launches DonWest Legal, LLC

Launching a law firm at age 29, straight out of law school, and in this economy may seem to be a risky move. However, Dondi "Don" West has done just that. Dondi has leveraged his expertise learned as a U.S. Navy Officer and technology consultant, and through a business process known as "Wargaming," he has developed a business model that will allow him to operate a lean, technologically superior, and efficient law practice.

Dondi put his law firm business plan to the test in a war game that he designed. This war game considered many market variables such as a struggling economy, clients with limited resources for legal services, and a very competitive law services market. Amongst the many results of this war game, was Dondi's key finding that, to be successful in this economy, all law firms, big or small, must reduce the cost of overhead, and pass those cost savings to clients who are struggling to make ends meet. To do so, DonWest Legal, LLC will operate a firm that:

  1. Is primarily paperless
  2. Takes advantage of sophisticated virtual technology
  3. Implements cloud computing technology
  4. Advertises/markets online 99% of the time, using social media and other web technologies
  5. Develops legal software in house where appropriate
  6. Utilizes tried, tested, and repeatable business processes; and
  7. Gives clients flexible and convenient payment options.
DonWest Legal, LLC will offer legal services to Individuals, Small Businesses, Veterans, and Military Professionals.

For more information on DonWest Legal, LLC click here.

To connect with or network with Dondi online, you can find his social media profile here.

For those of you that are super-curious like Dondi, click here to learn more information about using Wargaming for Business Management.

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